WebAssembly Size Concerns in Blazor

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I'm getting ready to start an app and trying to make a decision what technology to commit to. The current version of this app is in React which is a fine library.


However, I'm trying to achieve two things with the new version:

  1. Create a new and updated version of the web app
  2. Streamline the developer team in the company i.e. either JS or more .NET. Our backend API is in .NET so it would be great to build a pure C# based developer team.

With that said, I've been reading articles about the pros and cons of Blazor server based vs WebAssembly. I like the WebAssembly approach but concerned about the size issues. Our app is a fairly complex app and won't be a small and simple one.


Could anyone give me an idea what we're talking about for a decent size web app built with Blazor WebAssembly? Is it kilobytes, megabytes?

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