Tree View Menu not working propertly...

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Hello and thank you in advance. 


I am working on a website that has a Tree View Menu when navigated to sub-pages of the main site. The problem here is that everything works fine when navigating to the parent and child portion, but when I click on the leaves it remains to not show the title of the child above the leaves. I will show you what I mean down below in the photos but I can navigate fine to the parent and children but when a leaf (the hierarchical node below the child...) it does not show the child of the leafs. 

tree view home page.PNGtree view section a navigated to.PNGtree view section 1 navigated to.PNGtree view section _1.PNG


So it means I need assistance on the last part of the structure... Which is the page (and nav) that contains the "Overview" section. It needs to display the node above it hierarchically. 


Thank you in advance...


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As of right now I am using the properties listed below for the Tree View and SiteMapDataSource...

- ExpandDepth="2"
- MaxDataBindDepth="1"

- StartFromCurrentNode="True"
- StartingNodeOffset="0"

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Bump. Anyone know how to fix this? I need to get it fixed so I can work on the rest of my site. Thanks in advance. -AlphaCr8tive