Suggestions on how best to move from Nancy to ASPNet Core?

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We have a Framework solution which has two projects that run on Nancy.  And since Nancy is dead we need to migrate to something else, and I want that to be on Core.     Has anyone  done this before, and do you have any suggestions?

One daunitng task is simply changing all the endpoints, things like this:


Get("/", args => { return GetJobToRun(); });
Post("/", args => { return AddNewJob(); });

Get("/shuttle_info", args =>
var results = Shuttles.Select(v => v.Value).ToList();
return results;




We have about 200 such declarations.  So looking for the smoothest way to transition to ...  I really don't know what.  MVC has way too much ceremony.  Is there a nice core framework that allows us to cleanly easily declare paths and http methods?






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Nancy and Minimal APIs in .NET 6 have a lot in common. You should see how Minimal APIs work, you should be able to craft a solution that keeps your business logic likely untouched.

@shawnwildermuth  Thank you !  I will give it a try.  This will get me the simpler routings, but then is it just a matter of telling those endpoints to go to a CSHTML view?



@dlwiii If you're using Nancy for Routing to Views (not just APIs), then you'll want to dig into Razor Pages. That will allow you to do something similar.