Migration question: .Net Framework 4.8 to Blazor Server .Net 6 with Azure Web Jobs?




I am looking to migrate/create new an Azure Web Application from .Net Framework 4.8 to Blazor Server .Net 6.


The .Net framework solution has one web application and numerous web jobs (continuous and triggered).


Can you add Azure web jobs to a Blazor Server application?


From within Visual Studio 2022 if I try and add a web job to the existing blazor server project:

- Right click Blazor Project: -Add -New Azure Web Job Project

- A dialog box displays an error message stating: 'The command is not applicable for the selected project.' 


I noticed that in VS2022 the template offered for creating a new web job is 'Azure WebJob (.Net Framework)'. There doesn't appear to be an ASP.Net Core (.Net 6) template.


Are webjobs for .Net Framework and Azure Functions for .Net 6?


Thanks for the help.




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