Viva Learning usage reports


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Does anyone know if there's reporting available for Viva Learning?


Something along the lines of 10 people have completed Advanced Power BI would be enough.




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I have the same question @RobD365. I've been researching Viva Learning and have yet to come across this information, although I am still researching. 


Does anyone know?



Microsoft doesn't provide a great deal of reporting yet. From my research, I found that they offer 2 kinds of reporting (and none of them are great)
1. Progress tracking for a manager: You can recommend courses to the learner and track the progress of the course. However, learners must set the progress status manually and can set whether they want to allow the recommenders to track the progress status or not. 

2. Reporting for Admins: As a Microsoft 365 admin, you can see the usage report dashboard for viva learning. However, the report only shows "Active users" and "User Activities". Active user shows the number of active users over time whereas user activity shows activities on the platform.

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