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I am trying to configure Viva Learning to be better utilized by my L&D Department. Right now, we have duplications of topics.



How do we remove the duplicated topics? Also, when will the SharePoint connector be ready? We would like to use that to connect to already created content stored on the L&D Site.

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Hi @Shaun Jennings-


Another participant facing this issue was able to resolve it with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Teams Admin Center
  2. Uncheck the sources that have duplicate rows
  3. Save

When you go back in to the TAC, the boxes will be checked by default and the double rows should be gone. If this doesn't work, please reply and we'll have our engineering team look into it further.


As for SharePoint integration- This is actively in development, but we don't have any timing details to share at this time.

Have you seen that there is a brand new Viva Learning space here now as well? May help for any future questions
TAC will not allow me to find the Viva Learning app to even customize it.
I did not know about the new Viva Learning space.

Hi @Shaun Jennings- If you've followed the steps listed in our documentation to configure sources and it still isn't working, I can pass along your info to our engineering team for further troubleshooting. If you could provide screenshots of what you're seeing, that would be super helpful for them.

I was able to remove the Microsoft 365 Learning, but the Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learning will not remove.