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Somewhat similar to a previous thread. Yesterday I had this fully functional. Provider content was Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 Training, SharePoint and LinkedIn Learning. Everything was working as expected. I was able to browse content,  bookmark courses and so on. I had started a couple courses and able to go back and resume.


This morning none of it works. I am unable to browse any courses from any provider and my bookmarks and history are gone.


I have only the Welcome back screen and unable to d0 anything. Anyone else experience this?


Thanks in advance.



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We area having the exact same experience.
It appears this behavior may be more wide spread. I opened up a support ticket with MS on Jan 8th. After some initial troubleshooting and way to much of my time it has been escalated to a senior engineer. I have not heard back and will post any new findings here.
Update: I closed this case with MS today. Some back and forth but no resolution at this time. We may re-visit Viva Learning later this year and see where its at. The issue seems to wide-spread to be our tenant alone. Certainly something to do with breaking connections to content-providers.
Hi I have the same issue, please let me know if it got fixed somehow, I am sort of disappointed with Viva