Viva Learning bug?


I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? When I watch a video through Viva Learning in Teams (Desktop on Windows 10) and enter full screen mode, I can press the escape key (Esc) to exit full screen mode (normal procedure for me) but I cannot get back to Teams (the Teams navbar on the left is hidden). To get back to Teams, I have to not only close Teams (I have the setting "On close, keep the application running" enabled in Settings), I have to right-click the Teams icon in the system tray -> Quit, and then restart Teams. I've tried this with the same result on two computers. Here are the exact steps if you want to see if you get the same result:


  1. Go into Teams.
  2. Open the Viva Learning app.
  3. Select the "Work remotely with Microsoft 365" option under the "Microsoft 365 Training" heading.
  4. Click the play button on the video (top-left). (That doesn't play the video yet, though.)
  5. Click the play button again on the newly presented video.
  6. Click the full screen option (bottom-right of the video).
  7. Press your escape key on your keyboard ("Esc")
  8. Try to get back to Teams!

Note: I just realized that if I click the "Exit Full Screen" button at the bottom-right corner of the video instead of pressing "Esc" to come out of full-screen mode, the Teams navbar is now visible. I wonder if that's the same for everyone? I can imagine that being a real problem for end-users.


Also, this only applies to the Teams Desktop app on Windows 10; Esc works (for me) in Teams on the web.

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@Graham_McHugh Thank you for this post. I've just had the exact same (bad) experience.

Exact same issue here!

@Graham_McHugh Did you ever find a solution to this?  We are experiencing this currently in our tenant.

I'm afraid not.