SharePoint Content : Which Metadata can be used?

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On the SharePoint (dedicated content for your organisation), which column "name" can you add ?? We already know that we can add a "description" column but is it possible to get a list of all column "names" used for others metadata? 

For exemple:

- Duration,

- Date

- Image for the thumbnail

- Categories



I guess, when you open a new module on Viva Learning, you have the author, the date, the duration, a description, a thumbnail,.. Where you can setup this datas?



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Title! Outside of that, very limited, can't change the thumbnail right now, don't believe categories work - "modified date, created by, document name, content type, and organization name."



Thanks Greg!

My bad, I didn't see actually those lines during my first reading:

Default metadata (such as modified date, created by, document name, content type, and organization name) is automatically pulled into Viva Learning by the Microsoft Graph API.

I hope there will be a lot more possibilities when it comes to metadata.


No problem! I know that the Viva Learning team hear similar things while at Ignite, mainly the thumbnail image, so I suspect we will see more, hopefully within 2022.