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Hey all,

I'm hoping someone here has had the same issue, or if it's just us missing a step. I am having issues with the setup process of Viva Learning, we are going through the steps below and it is not appearing in my teams under 3 dots>about>and there is no preview selection. 

The Steps we are doing:

  1. Creating a policy in "Update Policies" and adding a name, description and selecting enable in Show Preview Features
  2. Enabling the User (me): Going to Users, searching for me, edit settings and selecting the new preview policy just created under Update Policy
  3. Allow all Microsoft app is enabled on our Global Policy

Is there anything I have missed or any workarounds anyone may know? Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, and kindest regards,

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@ndreams1685 I have similar issue as you but slightly different from what you're experiencing. In my org, out of 13, only 3 users have the preview option and rest don't.

Hi @sekarapp- Please submit a request through the Viva Learning Issues Form so our team can help troubleshoot this issue. 

@AlexDeane, I submitted the form. I already have a MS Case with your support team. Have shared the case number in the form. I hope it helps.

@AlexDeane @ndreams1685, the problem is resolved now. Turning ON "Show Preview Features" option to a specific policy in TAC should set the "AllowPreview" parameter as $true. But for some reason it didn't happen. It is resolved after I ran this command Set-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy -Identity policyname -AllowPreview $true

Glad it's been resolved! Thanks for sharing the solution.
This is all resolved, at some point during the night, it randomly appeared.