Removing SharePoint content from Viva Learning

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How do you remove SharePoint content from Viva Learning please?
I have tried removing it from the list "Learning App content repository". It remains findable in Viva Learning but when you try and open it you get an error message.
Any ideas please?

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From what I understand its not possible (yet) to remove content. The workaround is to "hide" the content by removing access to the folder. You'll have to break inherited permissions on the folder if you're using the document library for other purposes as well.

In other words it seems like once you've added the folder to the "Learning App Content Repository" list it is added to the Viva Learning index, but can't be removed.

So it doesn't seem a a good idea put all content in one folder (as suggested by many blogs and youtube videos). if you can't delete items.

With this limitation it almost makes sense to create a separate Site for each training topic.
Following up on this, any help appreciated. My case is that i have 5 files within one of the folders connected to Viva. All these folders are within the same Repository, so 1 Repository link, in that link, 5 folder, each folder with different content. I want to remove 1 file from one of those folders. What is the best way to do this? thank you