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Hello all,


As an organisation, we are working towards creating remote working across 3 partner organisation to deliver on a project. This will be utilising the office 365 Teams and Share Point.  In order to do this, I need to deliver key training to the team X to enable them to be able to use the technology.  They are currently very low skilled and it will be a challenge in bringing them up to spec. So here is my offer


1) Utilise MS ViVa to deliver this training and assign to them by recommend (currently the recommend button is not on my ViVa any reason why?) - I need to record the training that is being offered.  Also I want to use the end user training that is available here End-user training for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs - but not available on ViVa. 

2) Get Started with Microsoft ViVa Learning - referrers to a organisational approach to learning - this is not yet available.

3) As an administrator, I want to be able to see all of the training completed that I assign this is very important. If we also wanted to see who is engaging with Personal Development how can we see which training a user is doing?


Just a couple of question in here. 

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What is your timeline to offer this?

Right now I don't think Viva Learning is ready to achieve this - it has seemed to be ok for 1-1 chat training and pooling on-demand resources, but haven't been able to execute or structure a roll-out like this yet.

We also have LinkedIn Learning - they told me there will be a much-improved integration in Feb, which seems to coincide with some of what could be a significant upgrade with Viva Learning that could make this possible.

Much of the End User Training for Microsoft Teams is available in Viva Learning, it is just poorly labeled. For example, if you want the Overview of Teams Calls ( you need to add the Start Chats and Calls and have them start the module then click on the second video. If you search Teams it will not come up.

If you need to get this going right now, my best recommendation is to get Linkedin Learning for Staff and create a Learning Plan in that, then embed that webpage in Teams. If you don't have the budget for LiL, unfortunately, my best recommendation is to record the videos yourself and upload them to the Viva Learning sharepoint directory you [can] add[ed] and assign them that way, but you cannot make a course or Learning Path in teams yet.
There is a LTI Client app from Flipick available on MS Teams App store which connects MS Teams to a LTI Server. We do have a solution where multiple providers can host content on SharePoint and deliver on Teams (not Viva Learning). You may contact Email address removed for more details