Microsoft Viva learning not showing on the Org settings page, on the Services tab

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Viva Learning is enabled in the Microsoft Teams admin center. A knowledge admin role is assigned. But on the Org settings page, on the Services tab, Viva Learning does not show. And when i try to add the in Teams, an error occurs. What am I missing here?

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I have had lots of problems with this as well, I just went back to try to get there again and I can't. I have Global Reader as well as Knowlege Admin and I am not seeing it now either. It shows up in my search history, but won't load. I always search from the top. Just know you aren't the only one.
Hopefully there will be a fix soon. I really want to use this.
We are seeing the same issue and have opened a Incident ticket with Microsoft.
That's good. Will you keep me posted?
Microsoft replied they resolved the issue and, at least for us, I am now able to see Viva Learning in Org settings.
Hi, thanks for the response. I just checked and I am also able to see it now. Super!



We were not seeing Viva Learning in the Org setting as well, but it has now shown up.  But now the issue is that we don't have the menu item to "recommend" courses to others in the app.  I opened a ticket with Microsoft and they say that service has issues, at least in some cases, and has been down for two weeks with no ETA.


Are you able to access Org settings now and if so are you able to "recommend" courses and track their status?

Hi @lowellwballard 


I'm having this issue too (not manage tab or ability to make recommendations). I have opened a case with Microsoft but no luck resolving at the moment. How you did you get on?

Having the same problem No Manage Tab...

I am able to access Org setting en see ViVA. However, we are not able to add Viva to Teams. It's always the same message after trying to add Viva: Something went wrong.

Hi, this happened our end as well last month, and Viva Learning eventually re-appeared at the tail end of the month in the Admin Center. I noticed today though that it has gone missing again - is this happening on anyone else's tenancies?

PS, late last year we also had an issue with the Recommend feature/Manage tab missing, which now seems to have resolved (Europe/UK region)