Microsoft Forms Quizzes - Third Option to Not Show Correct Answers

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Hello All: 


Currently, I am developing quizzes for my learners and would like them to see their results after submission.  However, I noticed that the automatic results show the answers as well as their mistakes.  After a learner submits their quiz for grading, I would like for the learners to be able to see their mistakes and score, but not the correct answer if the learner has failed the quiz. If a learner fails the quiz, he or she may retake the quiz.  The ability for the learner to retake the quiz is good, however, showing them the answer prior is not beneficial.  Has anyone found a work-around for this scenario other than creating a separate quiz and manually grading the quiz?  I have seen other Microsoft forums where individuals have requested from Microsoft the ability to return a quiz without showing the correct answers, but no word from Microsoft as of this date.  Any information on this scenario would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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Definitively agreeing with this request.
Also, the calculated score should be available (easily) with Power Automate. Currently, it's a nightmare if your quiz has more than one or two questions!!!