Link in 3rd party learning systems like Moodle

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Wondering if there's any appetite to tie in Viva Learning into Moodle, even with just the ability to reference courses hosted by Moodle. We have our own Moodle LMS setup to deliver online learning but would love to list its courses and content in Viva Learning to tie together its content with the other content sources Viva has. Moodle is by far the world's most used LMS not just because it's free but because of its massive following, list of integrations and modules and the flexibility and completeness of its capabilities. It's used by thousands of post-secondary institutions like colleges and Universities and is being used in corporate situations increasingly often.  Love it if Viva Learning were setup to index the courses and content hosted in a Moodle instance but would settle even for just the ability to list the courses and hyperlinks to it. Microsoft would be nuts not to do some kind of basic integration.

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The ability for Viva Learning to integrate with LMSes is one of the primary benefits of the Premium license, I would suspect Moodle is on the list of LMSes to add, but there are so many LMSes out there that it might take a bit of time for that integration to be made.


That's what I've heard from the product team and MS as well. Be patient it's coming. However, I thought whatever I could do to promote it, since it is the most used LMS in the world, might help. Part of it is that Moodle is free of course and the other LMS's setup so far are not so Microsoft is likely getting paid on the backend by those groups to have theirs integrated sooner.

There is a LTI Client Teams app that can tie Moodle into MS Teams (not Viva Learning). This ia a LTI client which will perform SSO with Moodle and also display and launch configured content. You can search Teams App Store for LTI Client by Flipick. For more details, you may contact Email address removed