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I've noticed that updates on content in the content sources specified in the SharePoint list defined in the admin center is EXTREMLY slow. Anyway to speed things up?
I've got content that have been changed/removed/added and it is still after 3 days not visible in the Learning app.

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It typically takes about a day for me - one big thing is that the label that appears in Viva Learning is the "Title" not the file name, so if you are renaming a file and it's not changing in Viva Learning, it won't. This doesn't sound like your experience, but it may be what others run into looking at this post.

I have the same issue.
After more than 24h SPO-content is still not visible in viva learning.
Is there a backend job like reindexing we can execute per powershell or any other method?
Sorry, this may be a dumb question, but did you add the sharepoint directory into the Knowledge Admin area for sharepoint site AND go into that site, site contents and update the Microsoft List "Learning App Content Repository" with the title and folder URL?
Yes, did all that the first day (Nov 1-2) and the content we started was available but all changes after have not updated what we see in Viva Learning. Also changed the SharePoint site used 3 days ago, still no changes - we only see what we did the first day.
Yes, I already did this and added multiple entries in the repository list.

I only have one entry in my repository list and haven't changed it since I initially set this up...this makes me quite afraid to make any changes
After 48h my content is visible - or much something clearer - my content is searchable.
So there is no additional section on the dashboard with my sharepoint content but when I perform a search my content is accessible from my two content sources.

I'm not sure about the reason and now I'm very interested how long additional content will take to be available.

In addition to this I added to metadata columns in my content sources. Duration (number) and Description (single text). The content from the Description - Column is visible on the detail view of the item in Viva Learning ;)

I have tried to add Description, but there is already a column (its a Teams channel directory) that is multi lined and I can't edit it. Did you run into that, or did yours not exsist? Doesn't seem to let me edit that field either and when I try to create a new one it says it already exsists.

As far as searchable, the best thing I have found is under search filtering to just that content and adding it to a Teams channel tab. The content you add goes into the top left corner and is not arrangeable so you need to add it in the reverse order you want to have it experienced in. Quite exhausting for a simple concept.

Hi Greg, thanks for your input about the channel tabs and how the content must be added !!!

Regarding the additional metadata I used a library in a communication site. There I was able to add the description column as a single text field.

But - and now the complexity will start or the mystery is going to be solved ;) - my site is based on german language and in the library there is a column namend "Beschreibung" thats is the german word for description. This column is a multiline text field and I'm not able to change or delete it via the GUI....

I hope that there will be more documentation about adding / integrating further metadata. We 'll see ;)

@Sascha_Portz  I was wondering why my description didn't show up. Made a column but SP has changed it to Swedish "Beskrivning". Are we stuck here? :)


Is there a way to categorize different topics in SP content? I don't want a long list of items from IT, HR, Policies etc.

@AndreasBacklund I can't answer your question right now. At the moment I'm testing with the free version and within my two datasources I listed several folders, because I thought that they might work as a structure element like department names or - in my case - different topics.


But from my current perspevtive they aren't displayed. Maybe, this is something that comes with the chargeable license. I will check on that in a few days.  

@AdraesBacklund From what I heard at ignite...unlikely at this time. The best way I have found to do this so far is Teams Channel Tabs. If you find a better way PLEASE let me know.

Sounds like LinkedIn is doing some major updates slated for Spring 2022, could be in line with a significant update for Viva Learning too.
Well, now you have the same problem as least the multi-line description field that cannot be changed. I am very curious about the language impact on this.