How search works in Viva Learning and how can it be tweaked/improved

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Evaluating Viva Learning on SharePoint source, I have found that it does not search as I expected, or my expectations are wrong?

For example, in the SharePoint content that was indexed (after 24 hours), I have 2 PPT documents:

- Curs Excel

- Excel-VBA

If I try to search any number of characters except the entire word "excel": e, ex, exc, exce it does not find anything.



The content is found only if I use the entire word "excel"


Is this the "expected behavior"?... because in this case is useless if I can't remember the entire word and I would like to search for partial information as I do in Windows Explorer.

Is there a way to configure the search in Viva?


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The search syntax is similar to the regular SharePoint search syntax. When searching for exce* (wildcard included) it will show results in the preview/drop down of the search box. Not sure why it does not work for the full search results below ... stange behavior.

Hi @pietrodb

Thank you for message. In this case I'm even more disappointed, as SharePoint wildcard search is available only as prefix (exce*) and not as suffix (*cel) or something similar like containing (*ce*).


Even as prefix I have problems as using exc* will show that 2 files in the search box:


but pressing enter as instructed in the search box to "view all results" will display nothing, neither the two initial files:



And because of this "SharePoint like" search would be almost impossible to find a file like PowerAppsFlooringApp if I would like to search for app* or floor*, if I don't remember that this file is starting with power*:sad:


So, no chance to search like Google or at least Bing?


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