How do you 'recommend' content

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I can see a Recommended to you tab in the My Learning section. However, I'm having no luck in understanding how I recommend content to others. Do I require special permissions? Is there a way of identifying a group of users who would benefit from a course and recommending it to them (e.g. we're doing a phased roll out of Calls from Teams, and it would be great if we could drop the names of those affected in each phase, so they have the appropriate training module recommended to them). 


When a course is recommended to someone are they alerted in Activity or is it up to them to visit the Recommended to you tab periodically? My preference would be for an alert of some description.

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From what I was reading this morning, it requires a Viva Learn Premium license to be able to recommend content - I don't know if you need one to be able to receive recommendations, but seeing as the "Recommended to you" tab is visible on a standard license, you might be able to have a hand full of Premium licenses, and normal consumers on the standard license.

I also read that you can only recommend something to 50 people.

Link to what i was reading ...

@RobD365 thanks so much for that.


Disappointing (but to be expected) that you need a premium license. Would be better if it wasn't so visible, as it sets expectations that it can be done on the standard licensing. Shame.


Thanks again

I voiced significant displeasure with the "recommended" feature being deemed a premium feature. Yes, things like other platform integrations make sense as premium, but recommendations is not like that. Seems like they missed talking with the some other Microsoft Departments departments because they could easily store these in Planner or To-Do, but that integration wasn't on their roadmap. Seems odd to add ANOTHER place to find a task to accomplish with their recent push to pull it all into To-Do.

Anyways, in my conversations with LinkedIn, it sounds like there are some big changes with how LinkedIn integrates with Viva Learning that are slated for Spring 2022, so here is to hoping recommendations move to an included service.

As for what you are trying to accomplish, my best recommendation is Teams Tabs, you have to add the videos in reverse order of how you want them viewed. This is the best route I have found to date.