Foundational content/metadata for Viva Learning AI to work properly

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My company is looking around at an LXP solution but we are curious about what foundational content and attached metadata is needed from a business-perspective to have the AI in Viva Learning to work as it was intended? What information does it need so  it can identify potential gaps and suggest the correct content either in house or curated externally? What would a company need to do in preparation for the AI to work?

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Hi @Nicholas Fejka - The Viva Learning recommendation engine incorporates signals across user learning content consumption, search terms, and social learning engagement. In the future we plan to also incorporate other personalized signals across the Microsoft 365 product family into the Viva Learning recommendation engine. The minimum requirement to use Viva Learning is to have Teams enabled. If you wants to bring in your own custom content, you'll need to have it hosted on SharePoint and have SharePoint enabled as a content source. Hope this helps!