Can't see 'recommend' content

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Hi all,

i've activate 60 days free Viva Learning for my company.

Made all configurations, Sharepoint connection, assigned Knowledge admin at users but these users can't see option to "recommended" content. I saw that need Premium license but i don't find this kind in my tenant activation.

Someone can help me to try this function so i can test and buy licenses for my company.



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Yes that requires Premium, you can start a trial or buy here -

Tks, is what i've done but remain the problem.
Adiminstrator of knowledge cant see the option for "recommended" content.
I've to activate something more?



I haven't played with this yet because it is a premium feature - could it be that you need to be identified as a manager of someone in AD/AAD? Does your Teams display your company's org chart?
Same here. We have the "Microsoft Viva Suite" in place for me and some test users. The Recommended button showed up after activating the license, but somehow in the meantime it has disappeared. The Knowledge Admin role is also assigned to me.
Also SharePoint content source does not display anything in Viva Learning - I have configured this as explained in the docs several days ago. What could be missing?
I have the same issue. I am assigned "Knowledge Admin" and have a "Microsoft Viva Learning" trail license, but I can not see the "Manage" or "Admin" tab, and I can not recommend training.

same to me (trial license) and no recommendation / assignment possible in spite of EXO

any updates? kind regards, Florian

I am having the same issue (No "Manage" tab and unable to recommend anything). Purchased our licenses a week ago and the "Recommended to you" tab disappeared after assigning myself the roles and license. It is back today but still no Manage or ability to recommend.

We have Exchange Online mailboxes but also using hybrid exchange with an on-prem server for basic management.


EDIT The attached just showed up under my Org settings.  Was not there an hour ago.  

I fixed my Manage tab by right clicking the Viva app and uninstalling. I then re-installed the app in Teams and the tools appeared. Didn't even have to restart Team. Recommend is working but completed courses is still blank...
Recommendations can be used now in our tenant. Here we also see completed courses as blank, status is missing.


I have looked at these indications but the recipient of the recommendation cannot see the option to activate or deactivate sharing of the status of the recommendations of the recommender


Recommend and manage content in Viva Learning (


As you can see from image.


You have this option? or problem is only mine?



I've had my staff set multiple recommended courses to complete and nothing has changed on my dash indicating anything. Still just see the recommended course, created on, Due date (which has passed) and Recommended to. The little clipboard icon brings up the Recommended to with a blank status.