Bookmarks into the chapter level of courses

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The real LinkedIn learning (via a browser) allows to bookmark and link to individual chapters. It does not look like learning within Viva Learning allows for that. This would be a huge benefit for technical training.

"You want to adjust your Teams notification settings, go to this link in the middle of the course."


Or creating customized playlists of bits and pieces of different courses that weave together for employee orientation or on the job training.


Even if not open to everyone, links into the courses should be made available to knowledge admins for these purposes!

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Rob, have you tried creating a custom learning path to do this? I start with LiL next Monday as was hoping to use that to accomplish your request.

FYI - I created a custom learning path to see if it appears in Viva.
Are you suggesting a Custom Learning Path in LinkedIn outside of Viva? I'm not familiar with what that does.

I am specifically wanting to access directly into a learning chapter say from Yammer or Teams so I could say, the answer to your question is in this learning video.
Well - Custom Learning Paths and Custom Collections don't seem to have an impact on anything with Viva and do not seem to appear. I am now testing custom content.

AKA - my idea won't work for what you are looking for, and yes what you are looking for is needed.
Also doesn't let you do it for things in Microsoft 365 training (not just LiL), for example, if you want to send someone the "Post a message to multiple channels" video, you have to post the "Work with posts and messages" module and the only way someone will get there is if they go click on the "Post a message to multiple channels" button in the top left corner.
Going back to Custom Content in LiL Hub - heard from our LinkedIn Account Rep that custom content isn't available right now, hoping to have that available in Spring 2022...curious if that will require premium.