Adding SharePoint as a source will break/delete content for all the other providers

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I am trying to evaluate Viva Learning and I have activated the 60 day trial license.

Out of the box, without any other configurations, I was able to add Viva Learning as an app in Teams, and also as a tab into a specific Team. I could easily find classes in the default providers LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Learning.


Then I wanted to add SharePoint as an "internal source" along the other sources following the steps provided by Microsoft docs:

In the following day, I could search content from SharePoint, but ALL the other classes have disappeared from everywhere - in tabs where some specific courses were added, and even Viva Learning app cannot find other classes, just from SharePoint.


This is happening in 2 of my tenants, so the problem is reproductible.

What am I missing? I need classes from all the selected providers - the "default ones" besides SharePoint.


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I have the same problems and it is very frustrating

Why nobody form Microsoft developers not respond at this issues?

I also saw the exact same thing when I added Sharepoint yesterday to my tenant. Can someone from Microsoft acknowledge the issue? An ETA on the fix would be nice.

BTW, does removing Sharepoint content restore the other content?
Hi @tomcrevier, in my case I didn't had the chance to disable SharePoint as provider, because I need this library along the "default ones".
I'm still searching for a way to combine them before I will decide to drop SharePoint option... and hoping I will get them back.
It does not restore the other content. Also when setting this up with another MS tenant, the content for LinkedIn and the others were broken from the beginning.
We are experiencing the same thing. The content was there, now it is not, and removing SharePoint content does not restore.

@tomcrevier no Tom, the damage is permanently

for me it is very strange how Microsoft think that Microsoft Viva will be adopted in organization if nobody respond at our requests. I found many tickets regarding this issues but the only response are to put reviews on social media

Ouch. Nice bug! Thanks to everyone from the info, it is nice to have this forum to avoid having to waste more time on these issues.

Not holding my breath but have reached out to Microsoft. If they provide any helpful info, I'll respond back here.
Hi @Nesav132

I can confirm that also in my case removing the SharePoint option did not restore the content for the other providers even after 72 hours.
So, maybe you'll find something useful from Microsoft.

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I too asked this question at the beginning of Jan

The providors haven't returned regardless of the combinations I have tried, and still no response from MS.

I thought they were trying to sell the service, as the place to go for online learning!

I am also still down and have not heard anything back. I certainly learned something online, just not what I was hoping to learn :-(.

Hopefully, this will get sorted out soon. I have removed the app for all of my users until it gets resolved so they don't see a sad empty learning catalog.


Microsoft has assigned my ticket to an agent, and I'm actively communicating with them. Hopefully they are able to give me some info on what's going on. I'll continue to update you all. @Nesav132 

@Nesav132 Great news! Maybe finally Microsoft give an answer

It seems that Microsoft did something, because today my Viva Learning suddenly displayed all the missing content along the SharePoint one.

Does LinkedIn require you to log in? I'm just now seeing the MS learning content is showing up but only if I manually select the boxes for it under providers@Lucian_C 



It is kind of working for me.  I am still not seeing any providers when I browse, but I am seeing the other content under interests and when I look by duration.



Hi @Nesav132,
If you access a free course, you are not required to log in, but otherwise you must be logged in.
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@Lucian_CAfter submitting my ticket, here is what is going on: LinkedIn Learning will show ALL courses, not just the 125 free ones. Unfortunately it doesn't say which are free. You'll know by clicking on it and if it asks for a logon, it's not a free one. Microsoft Learning and Microsoft 365 Training are now showing, but you have to click on Providers and check the boxes for them and then they will show (see screenshot below).


I'm still struggling with the SharePoint side. It's setup, content has been added but Viva Learning is not able to "see' or show this. Still working with Microsoft on that.


I also realized that when setting up SharePoint and a 3rd party provider, MS Learning and LinkedIn disappeared but they came back after almost 72 hrs, possibly a sync delay.


Sorry this wasn't too much help but it's what I've gotten back so far. SharePoint is the only one I don't have answers for.