Viva Insights July 2021 feature updates
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The Viva Insights team is excited to announce our feature updates for July 2021. (You can see past blog articles here). This month’s update describes the following features: 


  • Enhancing manager effectiveness  
  • Improved performance in Ways of working assessment  

Enhancing Manager Effectiveness

Workplace Analytics has released the Manager Effectiveness Power BI template for HR analysts and leaders. The template provides insight into manager effectiveness across your company and helps uncover opportunities to improve the way managers coach, empower, connect, and model behavior. These insights provide a deep dive into what the Ways of Working Assessment makes available, focusing on manager effectiveness as one of the key components of the overall employee experience.  

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Improved performance in Ways of working assessment 

In response to customer feedback, we’ve improved the performance of the Ways of working assessment Power BI template. Your use of this template involves the following steps, all of which take time:  

  1. Run the Ways of working assessment and Standard meeting queries.
  2. Load the output of the Workplace Analytics queries into Power BI.
  3. Render report pages in Power BI.

The updated Power BI template has the same features as the preceding version. However, the new version significantly lessens the time to render report pages. After query output is loaded, analysts can interact with the report and expect its elements to appear in only a few seconds. 

To get the improved Ways of working assessment Power BI template, go to the Analyze > Queries Results page in Workplace Analytics, download the Power BI template from your latest Ways of working assessment query, and load the query results. As we have done with this dashboard, we are working to improve the performance of our other reports and we’ll share more information about that as updates become available. 

This blog was originally published on July 13 2021 by Paul Schafer on the Microsoft Tech Community.

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