How does Viva Glint define and measure engagement?


Hi, I am Melissa Barry, and I am part of the Viva People Science team. One of the top questions we get at Viva Glint is how we define and measure engagement.    


We define engagement as the degree to which employees invest their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral energies toward positive organizational outcomes. Engaged employees are absorbed in and are enthusiastic about their work. They find a greater sense of meaning in what they do, see a stronger connection between their strengths and their role, and they expend discretionary effort in their role performances.   


We measure engagement using a two-item engagement index, eSat (How happy are you working at Organization Name?) and Recommend (I would recommend Organization Name as a great place to work.) Viva Glint's eSat question continues to be the single best measure of employee engagement and predictor of performance and attrition. Recommend measures their willingness to endorse and be an advocate. Together these two items measure engagement, the strongest driver of business outcomes.   


Does this resonate with how you define and measure engagement at your organization? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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