June 2024, Viva Glint release updates
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Viva Glint’s next feature release is scheduled for June 1, 2024. Your dashboard provides date and timing details of a short maintenance shutdown two or three days before the release. Follow along with what features are ahead by checking out the Viva Glint product roadmap


Newsletter news! You let us know that you’re excited to see and use new Glint features when you read about them. Starting with the next release, our newsletters will be sent after the release date so that you can jump right in, see the goodness, and put it to work for you! Please note our future release and downtime dates


In your Viva Glint programs 


Enhanced data management. Control which custom attributes from your employee data file appear on the Viva Glint People page and in user exports. Learn more about this new visibility feature available in the platform. 


Tailor email messages to your organization. In the body of your Team Conversations and survey emails, insert multiple paragraphs to break up and emphasize important messages. Learn about customizing survey email and Team Conversations email content. 


Support your survey takers and managers


Help users easily submit their valuable feedback. Use support guidance to communicate proactively and create resources to address commonly asked questions by survey takers. Share survey taker help content directly with your organization. You can also send survey takers to learn what accessibility tools and features are available to them. 


Share our Manager Quick Guide for Results & Conversations. Help managers become familiar with the Glint platform, interpret feedback, and discuss survey results with their teams in a way that facilitates ongoing conversations and growth. 


Connect and learn with Viva Glint


Get ready for our upcoming Ask the Experts sessions: 

  • Confidentiality Thresholds & Suppression | June 11 | Register |Geared towards Viva Glint customers who are deploying their first programs, this session focuses on confidentiality thresholds and suppression. 
  • Data File Preparation and Troubleshooting | June 25 | Register |Learn about Glint best practices for preparing employee data and how to troubleshoot common errors and warnings. 

Join our customer cohorts! We have created community groups for like-minded customers to connect. Join our private user groups and be sure to register for our upcoming Retail or Manufacturing quarterly meeting. For more information, check out this blog post.


Thought leadership events and blogs


On May 28 we hosted the fourth webinar in our popular ‘Think like a People Scientist’ series. Catch all the recordings from this series here: 

Recap from our AI Empowerment webinar series are available here: 

In addition, we have two upcoming events that you might be interested in: 


  • Viva Insights Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) customer roundtable webinar | June 20 | Register |The ONA experience is a powerful analysis tool to understand and visualize how collaboration happens across your organization. With it, you can identify key collaboration patterns and acquire meaningful insights. See a demo of the Viva Insights ONA experience and hear from analysts using it to gather feedback. 
  • Aligning Employee Experience to Culture of Patient Safety with the Leapfrog Innovators group | June 20 | Register|Panels from two large healthcare systems will share how their organizations align employee experience to patient safety culture. They'll discuss internal research demonstrating a link between the two and the steps taken to demonstrate this link in a practical way for frontline leaders. Learn how they've used new tools and technology to measure, understand, and drive the culture of safety. 


Check out our most recent blog content on the Microsoft Viva Community: 

What’s New from Viva People Science: Beyond Engagement - Measuring Productivity in the Workplace 


How are we doing? 

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*Viva Glint is committed to consistently improving the customer experience. The cloud-based platform maintains an agile production cycle with fixes, enhancements, and new features. Planned program release dates are provided with the best intentions of releasing on these dates, but dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Schedule updates will be provided as appropriate.  




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