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Hello everyone,


We have an issue with Viva Engage.

A guest user of ours cannot post comments or posts, regardless of the community. The error message keeps coming. "Your message was not posted, please try again soon."

We have already logged him out and logged in (also in different browsers) and changed his password, unfortunately all to no avail.

It works fine for other guest users... just not for him.

My next step would be to recreate the guest user. However, it apparently only deactivates and reactivates the Viva Engage account. I think that won't be successful either.


"When a user is deleted from Office 365, they are automatically deactivated or suspended in Viva Engage. When a user is restored to Office 365, they are reactivated in Viva Engage."


Can anyone help me or maybe have an idea what else we could try?

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I would suggest that you create a case with your Microsoft support, such issues are normalt solved that way.

You can create a case via Admin center