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Hi! Welcome to the Viva Engage Community!


Take a look around at all the resources we've pulled together for this community. We are here to help you and your organization get started with Viva Engage. If you are new to Viva Engage take a look at this video! 

Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage - YouTube


Let us know what questions you have about getting started with Viva Engage! 


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Hi Alison,

Can I check if there is any recommended way an Internal Communications team can use an official profile (as opposed to a team member's profile) to post important business annoucements in the All-Company community?

In my experience its best to have a real person managing this and have a real face and voice, perhaps have one or two marking each other to make authenticate posts. However in Viva Engage Premium Licence you can delegate posts to others so a senior comms leader might like to delegate posting to their subordinates.
You'd have to create a service account, which is an M365 account that looks like a person to M365 (and costs a license) but with it's name "Internal Communications" tells human beings it isn't really a person.
Great question - you can add delegation to your users, but as @kevin mentioned you'd need a service account. More details about delegation here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/delegation-in-viva-engage-2f0a64a3-c5c0-45cd-b3f1-e1e06732...

Thanks so much for your responses, Alison, Kevin & Lesley - Really helpful!

Can I check another thing please - is it possible to have 2 All Company communities?