Stream on SharePoint Videos Not Playing in Viva Engage Discussions

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I have a question regarding embedding videos in a Yammer/Viva Engage conversation. 


With Stream Classic, a video would play inline on the Yammer conversation. For Stream on SharePoint, it doesn't play the video. It only provides a link to the video. Is this something that I'm doing wrong or is this feature no longer available in Viva Engage?

Viva-Engage-STream-on-SharePoint-Not Playing.png

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Not sure. That same link style provides a thumbnail in my tenant.
If this issue is persisting, please ask your IT team to open a support case with Microsoft by following the directions on One of the authorized admins for your Microsoft 365 tenant needs to open the case. We'll need to investigate some things that aren't possible in a forum like this one.

Thanks, Brian. We opened a DCR to fix the issue after we were guided by the Microsoft support team. Apparently, this is a common issue.