Yammer Topics API changes
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Yammer content in Viva Topic pagesYammer content in Viva Topic pages

Yammer aims to empower communities to share knowledge and make it available for the entire organization. One can use question and answer to capture knowledge and organize it across communities using topics.


Microsoft Viva Topics is a knowledge management system that connects knowledge and expertise across your organization. It identifies topics and curates related information into wiki-like topic pages and topic cards within your apps.


Yammer is integrating with and adopting Viva Topics to make community-sourced knowledge easily accessible across an organization and support a consistent experience in Microsoft 365. Among others, this provides the following benefits for an organization:

  • Topics will mean and refer to the same thing whether in Yammer, Viva Topics, or elsewhere Microsoft 365.
  • Premium Viva Topic experiences like topic cards will show in Yammer.
  • Premium Viva Topic experiences like pages and cards will include content from Yammer such as questions and answers, and conversations.
  • Topics can be managed centrally.
  • Permissions can be managed for who gets to create or edit topics.

Users with the appropriate licensing will see topics in Yammer enhanced with Viva Topics experiences, such as Viva Topic cards, while unlicensed users can continue to use topics in Yammer the way they are used to. Only Yammer networks in Native Mode networks are eligible for the premium Viva Topics experiences.


Overview of changes

To fully adopt Viva Topics, we will need to make these modifications to Yammer’s API.

  • Change the type and value of Topic IDs
  • Allow applying topics to Yammer messages by ID only (not by name)
  • Introduce a new CSV in Yammer Data Export

If you use the Yammer API, please read the attached Yammer Topic API changes document to understand upcoming changes and how you might adapt.


Schedule of changes*



Aug 2021

Extra API type elements to assist transitioning ID types, described in 4.1 of the detailed changes.

Sept 2021

Begin onboarding private preview networks.

Nov 2021

All Early Access flags available for network test readiness, described in 4.2 of the detailed changes.

Jan 2022

Switch id type of topics for all networks, as described in 3.1 of the detailed changes.

Jan 2022

Begin onboarding of all eligible native mode networks to Viva topics.

April 2022

Removal of the extra API elements introduced by 4.1.

*dates are subject to change


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Questions or comments, please post here. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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