New Admin Center for Viva Engage
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Introducing a new admin center to directly manage and enable capabilities for Viva Engage. This admin experience will be available within the Viva Engage Teams application for Microsoft Viva customers. Admins will now be able to easily plan the rollout of Viva Engage within the organization – configure and customize the application, manage security and compliance, manage core and premium Viva Engage features and overall build engagement for employees.

The following roles can access the Engage admin center: Microsoft 365 Global admin, Engage admin (Yammer administrator), Yammer network admin, Answers admin (Knowledge manager) and Corporate communicator role. The Engage admin center will reflect options based on the tenant’s license plan and the admin roles assigned.

Learn more about the Engage admin center here.


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This experience will be available for customers who are in either Native Mode, Non-Native Mode, or have multiple networks in a mixed configuration.

Identify leaders and set up an audience

Admins can designate specific leaders and create an audience for them to engage directly with employees. Leaders and their delegates can post rich media messages or send an announcement to their audience. Leaders can also view specific audience sentiment analysis, find top trends, most engaged conversations, and understand overall reach and consumption.

New corporate communicator role

Assign the corporate communicator role to specific team members in your tenant. Corporate communicators have privileges such as creating or managing campaigns, defining leaders in an organization, and more to come as we evolve Viva Engage. This role was created to address the need to have a role catered towards content management in the organization that goes beyond a single community. Introducing the corporate communicator role allows you to designate individuals who can perform these actions without increasing the number of Engage admins, who are much more powerful. This role can be assigned or removed from users by the following admin roles: Global admin, Engage admin and fellow corporate communicators.

Enable Leadership Corner for employees

Additionally, Engage admins can disable/enable Leadership Corner for employees to gain a curated view of their leaders posting, reacting, and sharing in Viva Engage. Employees will also see upcoming Ask Me Anything’s (AMAs) from their leaders. Users identified as leaders will appear in the leadership corner directory, their activity will be highlighted in leadership corner for members of their audience, and they can connect directly with their audiences through storyline announcements.

Answers for your network

Admins with the appropriate license will see Answers on by default in Viva Engage. Global admins will be able to enable or disable the Answers and/or Rewards experience through the Engage admin center under Feature management. Global Admins can appoint additional Answers admins by assigning users to the Knowledge Manager role through AAD. Current and new users with the Knowledge Manager role will sync to Viva Engage as Answers admins. For the best Answers experience, it is best practice to have the same users that manage Viva Topics to manage Answers. Native Mode is a requirement for customers to use Answers and Yammer topics must be merged to Viva Topics.

As part of Answers, you can enable rewards and badging for employee contributions. Recognizing employee’s contributions to answer questions helps encourage knowledge sharing across the organization. You can also leave this up to the user to modify in their settings, if they would like to gain badges as based on Answers. Learn about Answers here.

What’s Next?

Stay up to date with what’s coming next for Viva Engage admin center and other upcoming capabilities in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.


Q: Why do I see new service plans in SKU?
A: Service plans are the mechanism to provide experiences to our customers. Please note that Viva Engage Core service plan currently provisions Yammer services as well; this was done to maintain continuity with existing Yammer services.

Q: If I have disabled Yammer for my users, what action should I take to continue to disable Yammer?
A: If you have disabled Yammer for your organization, then make sure that you remove the Viva Engage Core license for those users as well. In addition, please ensure that you continue to enforce Yammer license checks for your users through Yammer admin settings. This will continue to disable Yammer access.

Q: What service plans enable Viva Engage?
A: The following service plans provision Viva Engage in your organization -
    1. Viva Engage Core
    2. Viva Engage Communities and Communication*
    3. Viva Engage Knowledge*

Feature enablement will still be controlled for you and your organization through enabling/disabling licenses to corresponding service plans.

*For more details, please refer to this blog post

Q: Why are these service plans already assigned to all the users?
A: The service plans have been enabled for all users to provide a smooth and easily controlled feature roll out process. If needed, you will still be able to control the roll out of features to users as per your requirements by disabling service plans for a specific set of users. For more details on controlling premium feature roll out, please refer to the MC Post# MC495879 (January '23) and MC495322 (January’23) for Viva Engage and Answers in Microsoft Viva premium features roll out respectively.

Q: What if I disable Viva Engage Core service plan?
A: If you disable the Viva Engage Core service plan then:
    a. If you have enabled Yammer for your users, this will have no change
    b. If you have disabled Yammer, this will make sure Yammer continues to be disabled

Q: My organization was already using Viva Engage features (like Storylines, Communities) before Viva Engage Core; Why do we have this new service plan now and what will change?
A: Currently, existing Yammer service plan provisions these features on Yammer as well as Viva Engage application in Teams for experience continuity. However, we are migrating to Viva Engage Core service plan to provision new features, while Yammer service plan will continue to provide access to Yammer.

Please note that currently Viva Engage Core service plan also enables Yammer access, to ensure your continued experiences with Yammer. If you wish to disable Yammer services, please make sure that you disable Viva Engage Core service plan for your users, in addition to disabling Yammer service plan.

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