Yammer.com is rebranded to Viva Engage - Starting today!

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More details and information and resources can be found on this blog post: 


Yammer.com Rebranded to Viva Engage - Microsoft Community Hub


Or join us on July 11 for a community event where we will answer any outstanding questions about the rebrand to Viva Engage. 



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Thanks Allison, I confirm it is changing for our end users. Couple of questions: 1. When is Yammer changing to Viva Engage on the App Launcher 2. When is "Yam this" on SharePoint changing and what is it changing to? 3. When is the Viva Engage icon appearing in the SharePoint icon library?
1 - I think you are talking about the M365 Waffle, if so that should be early next week. 2. Is this the chrome extension? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/yamthis/fgeefhpaofppfmhbemhdedpkklhnhepb If so, MSFT doesn't own this so I don't know when the owner would update it. 3. SharePoint Icon library is coming in the next few weeks.

Thank you for the response!

@Allison Michels, I was disappointed to see that the entire previous Yammer blog seems to have been deleted....I was specifically looking for an awesome blog post that Katarina Zenko wrote back in 2019 and you updated, called Use Yammer to make newsletters interesting again!


Do you know if the older Yammer articles, many of which are extremely useful, can be restored, even if it's in a separate archive?  Thanks!

Strongly agree that it is problematic to lose all the discussion threads and blog posts. We still need to browse this.

Some popular posts will be updated with new product truth and some will not. The posts are archived, and if there's any other specific one you'd need let me know. We aren't going to update every single post to bring over. 

We brought over many of the posts, and will be republishing a few soon with updated/new product truth. Let me know if there's anything we've missed or something that should specifically be brought over that you are missing.

@AllisonMichels as I mentioned in my earlier comment, the specific post that I encountered that was missing was called Use Yammer to make newsletters interesting again!  As @NicolasKheirallah mentioned in his post, the original link is here, but it's broken: it just gives an "Access Denied" error.


This is just the post that I happened to encounter that is missing, and it is not yet restored:  it's not at the original link, but I also searched for it in case the link had changed, but nothing.  I'm sure there are other useful ones that are missing, so it's good to know that you're restoring them.


In the future, I'd suggest that your group not summarily wipe out the entire collection of useful posts and then slowly add content back:  instead leave them in place and either modify (if they are still useful with updates/new truth) or delete (totally obsolete) posts as needed over time.  That would keep the original information and functionality in place as you make the necessary changes. :smile:


That's weird, It works for me but logged but also in incognito:




Do you want me to save the article and send it to you ?

Thanks for the offer, @NicolasKheirallah, but I got it from the Google Cache. :smile:  Plus I can confirm what you said:  in Incognito/InPrivate mode, it does now show up, so I'm guessing that they put it back online today sometime and my browser is just caching the recent Access Denied page.


I'm glad to see that they're putting the former content back, where it makes sense.

It's been a couple of weeks, but the App launcher icon in our org still shows "Yammer". is the Native Mode alignment mandatory for the icon change to appear?

There is no connection between native mode and the rebranding. The app launcher may still be in the process of updating for some customers as this is a suite-wide deployment outside of the Viva Engage product.

EDIT: As of 7/19, this change to the icon should be rolling out next week.

@Allison Michels It looks like the waffle app launcher has been updated to reflect Viva Engage.  Rather than stating Viva Engage it simply says Engage.  Is this the way it will be going forward?  Will the waffle app launcher say Engage rather Viva Engage?  Thanks!