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I am the Viva Engage admin for my company. Out of the blue on Friday I received a number of "Welcome to "X" community. It turns out I recevied this "welcome" from every single community we have, despite them being in existance for over 3 years. Fortunately it seems that only myself received these emails (phew)

Today though I have been in to SharePoint Admin (also a SP Admin for my sins) and I have noticed that every community we have has had a new SP site created for them! Now, I know that at some point things changed and when creating a community it then created an M365 group. But in this case, I have made NO changes to instigate these creations. They all were in existance already.


What could have possibly happened to trigger this? I can't find any information for upcoming changes or any blog post, road map item etc. I'm baffled! 



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Did someone convert your viva engage to native mode? Sounds like it

This does look like what's happened but nobody has done anything apart from log into the admin centre. something must have triggered this unless it's an automatic thing that our tenant has only just caught up with?
This was in Message Center summary today: Message Summary
Updated February 19, 2024: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

Non-Native and Hybrid Yammer Networks will be upgraded to Native Mode to allow users, groups, and content to be compatible with and mapped to their counterparts in Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365. Native Mode also provides other benefits, such as the ability to host Live Events in every Yammer community and simplify file administration through SharePoint. Most critically, Native Mode supports eDiscovery through the Microsoft Purview compliance portal, allowing your organization to collaborate safely and securely within your Yammer network. 90% of Yammer networks are in Native Mode today, including our top 10 largest networks.

When this will happen:

We will begin migrating networks on December 01, 2022, and continue the upgrades through late December 2024 (previously January). The process will begin with smaller networks. If you prefer to control the timing of your upgrade, you may initiate the process on your own at any time by visiting the Microsoft 365 Native Mode page within the Network Admin pages of Yammer.