Users missing in Engage

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Hi everyone,
I am just starting to try out Engage.
I have around 1700 Users in my tenant but in the All Company Group there are only 270 Users.
Also when I try to add users to a group in Engage or write a private message in Engage, I can only find a few users.
I have multiple domains in my tenant, there are some users with a private E-mail adress as Guest, there are many of User type Guest but are internal (so with a UPN under one of my domains) and others of User type Member with different licenses. Be
However I was not able to find a pattern of who shows up in Engage and who doesnt. It seems completely random.
Do you have any hypothesis or suggestions on how to find out why? 

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Are those additional users licensed for Viva Engage/Yammer?

@Kevin Crossman as far as I understand,  Members need a license that includes Viva Engage but Guests don't. All Members do have a Viva Engage license. And as I mentioned, I don't see a pattern. There are some Members with different licenses visible and others with the same licenses are missing, and some Guests are visible and others are not. 

Sounds complicated and suggest you contact Microsoft Support.