How to avoid nightly emails from Viva Engage?

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I got a question from a group of Swedish users with a community in Viva Engage. When they update with new posts, an email is sent out to the members. They have noticed that these emails are often sent out in the middle of the night, one or more days after the post is written. Is there any setting for the community owner, to set when these daily emails are sent out, to avoid burdening members with these nightly emails?


(there are several reasons for why we do not want jobrelated emails to be sent in the middle of the night, and for notifications automatically sent out, users are not always on top of adjusting their notifications , so therefore this question)


Our organization exist in several time zones, so this would be good to set for each community depending on time zone. I can not find any info on how to adjust the time/time zone when these emails are sent out. So what is currently causing them being sent out in the middle of the night for our European users?


As a first response to this we encourage users to look into their Viva Engage Notification settings, but we have no good answer to why the emails have to go out in the middle of the night. Is this a new requirement or being looked into? Anyone else with similar experience?

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I'm certain this is nothing an admin can control. Best to escalate to Microsoft Support and your account team, especially if there are regulatory implications.