Can't assign leaders

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I am trying to assign leaders in Viva connections.


When I go to the feature section in the admin I only have options for campaigns (which I can't see to add) and storyline.


I have a viva suite license. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing to enable everything?

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You might need additional set up in the Admin Center at the M365 level.

What role are you in Viva Engage? Admin or corporate communicator?




All the sudden the leadership settings showed up. Then a little later the answer settings showed. I think there is still a setting panel missing compared to documentation. Probably just things taking time to propegate. 

Interesting thing is even though answers are enabled. I don't see the answers section in the viva engage app from teams or web. On mobile, I do see the answers tab in viva engage. But when i click on it, it sends me to the home screen.


Again, maybe it is just a new license and things take some time to propagate, but it has been a couple days now.  

Also, I am a Global Admin.
Can you send a support ticket? So we can track accordingly. Thank you!