Blocking Regions from Engage?

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Hi all. Recently, we had an international region reach out to us about sensitive content in the "Discover what's happening across your organization" recap email from Yammer/Viva Engage. The issue is that while some of the specific content in perfectly fine in the United States, it is considered sensitive and teetering on illegal in this specific region. The content was posted in "All Company". This is a delicate matter as we want to respect right of free speech and freedom of expression here in the States while also being respectful of cultural differences internationally. My question: is there a way on the backend to possibly hide certain feeds from specific regions? And if not, is there a way to block an entire region from Engage altogether? A bit scorched earth I know, but this issue is something that can snowball quickly if not handled.

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So there's no official setting too block users from certain regions to see certain content nor block access based location. With that being said, if you want to block access viva engage to a certain region by using Azure AD and working with licenses.

So you create a dynamic AD group add all regions in that group that should have access and assign them a viva engage license, if you're not in that group you will not be assigned a license and cannot access Engage.