Any limitations on HTML when setting Engage use policy?

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We're updating our use policy in the next few weeks.  I'm converting the Word draft into HTMLPlatform management, Use policy now.  Are there any limitations on HTML code that can be used?


I ask as on the page, under the box for your HTML, it states "You may use HTML tags such as <h1>, <b>, and <i> to format your policy."   

Engage use policy - HTML limitations.pngJust wondering if that's all we can use, or just examples?

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It is certainly tough to troubleshoot this as there's no preview mode for the Terms of Use. This is a legacy feature with roots going back more than a decade, so best to stick to basic HTML formatting. You can use different headings, but mostly you're looking at bold, italic, and <a href> links.

If you have the ability to get a "sandbox" M365 tenant for testing that can likely help, and if you're looking to do something fancy it might justify acquiring something like this.

@KevinCrossman thanks.  I was wondering if <p> might be acceptable mostly to help with spacing 

Yes, <p></p> for paragraphs