3rd Party Viva Engage Applications/Register New App Help

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I have been trying to find information regarding the posting of information from an custom internal app back into Viva Engage. I saw in another thread that the Yammer Rest API is still active. Is this the best way to create an integration with Viva Engage? Or does Viva Engage support other types of external integrations?


More context:


This URL https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/yammer/app-registration indicates to “Register new App”. However this URL https://www.yammer.com/client_applications doesn't have a "Register new App" link/button. Lastly when I go to https://www.yammer.com/applications it is a blank page. 


Any guidance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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HI! This is a great question for our support team, please send a ticket and we can help you from there! Thanks.
Thank you, I will submit a ticket however I still would like to know if Microsoft still allows 3rd party integrations or if they are moving away from that for Viva Engage. Does VE follow the same approach as Yammer regarding integrations?