Viva Connections navigation and loading problems

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Hi all,

We have some issues working with Viva Connections.

  • When we use Viva Connections with the desktop client, the navigation is disappearing, when you navigate to a library (pages, documents) or a list.
  • The Viva Connections app isn't loading properly in the desktop client- this is a problem that's occuring with all of our clients users. The users have to click twice, to load the home site properly. If you change the app in Teams, sometimes a white page occurs, sometimes just the navigation is loading.

This isnt a tenant-specific problem. We've also seen this in our DEV-tenants.

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@tanjarienesl we are having the exact same experience when piloting our new Home Site (root site).  The page simply doesn't load after you navigate to another area (Teams, Activity, Chat) then come back.  We also see the same disappearing hub navigation behavior.    Our initial tests are showing us that this functionality isn't ready to be the primary way users get to our intranet site, so we can't pin this until we figure out if there are workarounds or an update comes out.


Hello! Did you ever get this resolved? I am rolling this out and a couple of people are now seeing the blank pop up on Teams who did not have the problem before. So strange!

Hello all,

I have the same problem in two tenants. And this problem is the only reason why we are not rolling out the app.

So please solve the problem as we would love to use the app.

The problem has changed a little bit. In libararies the site navigation does not work to othere sites & the theme appearing in the wrong colour. :\ The global navigation is working now, thanks for this! :)


Hi, did you manage to figure out the cause of this problem? We are experiencing some issues were the global navigation does not load at all in Teams client. 

I've got exactly the same problem. When I navigate to a library the hub and site navigation disappears marooning me in a library. In the desktop client there is no way out without refreshing the whole app. In browser Teams you can refresh the page - but still annoying. Is this some kind of cache issue? Come on Microsoft.

@Victoria Symons 



Sorry for late response. We actually found out that the problem occurs when we click the navigation links two times. First time it will load the content with the navigation present, second time we click the navigation disaeppears. 

We contacted Microsoft regarding this and they mentioned that the product is "working as intended". This is part of a release during this summer, the navigation will disaeppear. The explained that the new function /release should "pop out" the content that we are loading (sitepage /documentlibrary /list). However they have received multiple incidents regarding this so one can only hope that they will release a new version and remove this "function". 

Thank you, that's good to know.
I have set up hub in Teams in 6 of my client tenants and all of them are experiencing this, which makes the whole thing pretty much useless! My users get stuck in a dead end.
It's such a shame because SharePoint in Teams could be very useful.