Viva Connections App - open a form of a list directly within the app

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Hello, I am experienced, hat any hyperlink in a SharePoint Online page to a new form (NewForm.aspx) of a list will open not directly in the Viva Connection app. Instead it open a new browser window. :(


Is there any way to control/manipulate the hyperlink in the way, that the Viva connections experience for an end user is not broken?




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Yeah Viva connections doesn't support Newform.aspx  unfortunately  (or to be more correct newform.aspx doesn't support connections). Same goes for documents, you can create those but not open them. (Documents are now supported and can be opened via Connections)


There's no way control/manipulate currently unfortunately. A workaround would be to send them directly to the list and then press new and it will open in the sidebar.


thanks for your response. What do you mean with "open it as a sidebar" -> the new form in the panel on the right?

Does it render in Viva Connections?
How to accomplish?

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So when you go into a list, there's a new button. This new button will open a panel on the right where you can create a new item (same as in webbrowser):




This will open in Viva Connection and SharePoint. Linking to NewForm.aspx will open a new browser session 


@NicolasKheirallah  thank you for clarification! :)


I did some tests with a list in Viva Connections. Here are my oberservations (September 2023) in a targeted release dev tenant.


1. If the mobile user browses directly to the list and opens there the 3 dot menu and afterwards click "new" the form is rendered mobile friendly and language dependent directly in Viva Connections


2. I copied the provided deep link from the list form (provided on the top of the form via "Copy link") and published it in a page in SPO via Button. The URL directs to with a lot of HTTP Get parameters


If the mobile user clicks the button with the deep link to the form, the new form is rendered in mobile mode in Viva Connections. This is what I need for mobile end users. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: