News Spotlight in the new desktop experience is not respecting audience targeting.

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I can't find any documentation that says this is or is not an intended behavior, but the new News Spotlight is not respecting audience targeted. I have confirmed that multiple US employees are seeing posts targeted at Canada only, and myself (a contractor who is not a part of any AD groups used for targeting) can see all the news posts, including this one.


Does anyone have any insight into the behavior of the News Spotlight? I fear we may have to scrap the Viva Connections app all together and go with a custom Teams App that takes you strait to the home page. Personalization was a key factor in moving to Viva Connections.

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Are you using the built in audience targeting or are you making use of separate sites with permissions?
Thank you for the response. We went with a simple structure as just a few people run the communications for a multi-national company. We have one Viva Experience based off one home site with audience targeting built throughout. The individual news posts are leveraging built in targeting per post, all from a single news webpart.
Well that's the correct way of doing it! :) I'll see if I can replicate it on my enviroments to see if it's a local issue