DeepLinking - Viva Connection in Teams - Link to SP page from team message

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I am creating a post in teams channels when a News page is created and published.
I want to be able to create a URL to the specific sharepoint page that opens in the Viva Connection app in Teams.


Currently the only URL i have been able to create is a URL that opens in the browser.


I have tried this powershell script:

# Define variables
$vivaConnectionsAppId = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-ee00425598aa"
$sharePointPageUrl = ""

# Encode the SharePoint URL
$encodedSharePointPageUrl = [System.Web.HttpUtility]::UrlEncode($sharePointPageUrl)

# Generate the deep link
$deepLink = "$vivaConnectionsAppId/?webUrl=$encodedSharePointPageUrl"

# Open the deep link in the default web browser
Start-Process $deepLink


The URL i get from this looks like this for example:


When someone clicks on the link. Teams opens the viva connection app but only display the startpage of the site. It does not go to the specific page (in this example "MyPage.aspx"


How should i create the URL to deeplink to the specific page in Viva Connection? I want to deeplink in the viva connection application in Teams!




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Unfortunatly Deeplink isn't supported by Viva connections,