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Do all users require a Viva Amplify license in order to receive and consume information processed through Amplify by (licensed) corporate comms users? Is it just the analytics that are not available without all users being licensed?

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Only those who will use the tool will need licensing but I would recommend buying the "Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities" license for all users. Reason for this is a lot of new feature for Viva connections, Engage and Viva amplify is included in there which a lot of users can make use of, such as annoucements in connections
Totally agree, but we have 5000 users and looking to build a business case. I understand that only those that use the tool require a license, but with respect to the analytics to assess engagement and impact, I suspect that all users will require a license?
Analytics part is avaiable for those with a license, so any communicator with a license would be able to see engagement and impact :)
Good question. I think there is a reasonable concern from organisations that we're speaking to that if a post is pushed to a SharePoint site with broad level of access (e.g. "Everyone except External Users") that consuming that content shouldn't trigger a licensing obligation. It would be one thing for the engagement metrics from unlicensed users to not be tracked but an altogether different proposition if it places a licensing liability on the organisation as a result. The FAQ on the Amplify page is too ambiguous.
So consuming Amplify content won't need a license! But creating campaigns and getting metrics will :)
Hi Nicolas, where did you get this info from?
From implementing at clients as well as using it myself, and the various Viva Programs that I'm a member of :)

You can read abit here:
Hi everyone, it looks like to me that is not required for all employees in a company to have a license to be tracked in the reporting (unique viewers and promotions), is it correct? Would there be any limitations in terms of what information is tracked about users without a license behind the scenes? Thank you!
I have tested this and non-premium (communication and collab) license users can consume content published through Viva Amplify distribution channels and engagement is monitored via Amplify analytics.

I think what is telling though is Mike Holste specifically calls out this scenario in this webinar: at the 11:32 time mark (& again in the Q&A). Therefore, my take is that Microsoft does *expect* all users (including all recipients of Amplify coordinated content) to have licenses in place.

So while there may not be a technical impediment to its functional use via license enforcement, I would be uncomfortable should a licensing audit be conducted, hence my original question regarding whether the broad use of Amplify creates a company-wide *obligation* as opposed to an expectation/recommendation for licensing.