Amplify Templates available across all campaigns

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Hi everyone!
I created a template in a campaign - a template that I could use for other campaigns too. 
Unfortunately, I realized that the template is only available in the very campaign in which I created it.

Is there a possibility to make that template available to all publications across every campaigns? 

Or is there a quick way to copy the template in the targeted campaign? 

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Hi, Marion,
I was wondering how you created the initial template in Amplify.
Hi Julia,
To create your own templates, follow this instruction:
- In a new or existing campaign, go to the Publications tab and choose +New.
- Add a title to your template.
- Add sections and web parts to make your template look the way you want.
- Go to Save and close on the command bar and choose *Save as template*.

you can also find the instruction here:

Have fun with Amplify! ;)