Visio lines and box moving after document is saved

Kathryn Shanteler
Occasional Contributor

Hi Community!


I am having an odd problem that I am hoping someone has experience or can give some advice on. I am on the latest version of Visio, checked just to be sure. When I save a document, occasionally after I close it out and re-open it the next day, my lines and boxes have shifted drastically. This does not happen every time and I can't pinpoint something I am doing differently when it does happen. I've attached a screenshot of the most blatant example of what this looks like when it occurs. 


I found the article below, but it is from 2007 and towards the end of the suggestions, the article states " Unfortunately, none of these remedies is guaranteed.  There may be no way for a user to correct some situations."




I was just checking to see if there are any new improvements for the more recent versions of Visio to help combat this. 



Thank you for any insight!


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