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I'm using Visio 2016 and what I've been doing is very simple, I'm making an organization chart using organization chart wizard to extract from excel, everything works fine except for one thing.

Lets say that "X" is a manager and his subordinates are "A" "B" "C", but "B" is a Senior position so i want the chart to be X at the top then B below him then A & C but what happens is that no matter which order I put them in excel sheet, visio still rearranges them alphabetically to be X then below him A B C in alphabetically order and then it looks awkward to see A junior is above B in the sorting just because they both have the same manager, is there anyway to fix this ?

Sorry English is not my native language.

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I am working for a big company and just starting with using Visio 2015 Standard.

We've got the same issue with re-sorting our organization chart (e.g. by function….). Your Need is the same like ours.

Do you finde a solution meanhile?


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