Highlighting a path through a Visio diagram

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I am trying to find a way to reduce the manual effort of maintaining an artifact that is currently done in Visio.  I currently use this artifact to show the path of an imaged document as it is brought into our organization and, depending on the scenario, processed through several systems for storage in a repository for later use. 


I have a master diagram of all the inputs, systems and points of access.  I use a copy of the master diagram for each of the 64 possible scenarios highlighting a path through the diagram.  I have a list of all the different scenarios on the first page.  Each scenario description has a hyperlink that, when selected, will take them to their associated diagram on a separate page with the path that the imaged document will take through our system, highlighted from start to finish.


When the diagram is updated to reflect additions or deletions, each of the 64 individual diagrams must be updated.  Ideally I would like to just update a master diagram, and somehow have it reflected on all 64 individual diagrams, something like having the master diagram as a “Watermark” type background and then overlay a specific path reflecting a selected scenario in a layer on top of the master diagram.  That, or having some way to highlight the master diagram that would show the path of the selected scenario and then clear that path when selecting another scenario.  It is important to show the scenario’s relationship to the rest of the inputs, systems and points of access.


I am not a Visio expert, but am willing to spend the time to learn more if someone can tell me if this is even possible in Visio.   Do I have to use a combination of other MS products to produce the result I am looking for?  I originally though Data Visualizer would work but the output for each scenario does not remain consistent in relation to the overall master diagram.  Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



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