Bringing Visio to Microsoft 365: Diagramming for everyone


We’re excited to share that we’ll be bringing core Visio capabilities to Microsoft 365 for all commercial license subscribers. Visio in Microsoft 365 will come with a web app that will offer core Visio functionalities and allow business users to create, edit, and share professional diagrams. Learn more


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@Nishant_Kumar1435 How will the free tier compare to Visio Plan 1 if Plan 1 is still going to remain available as a paid plan?


Having used Plan 1 briefly, I found it quite inadequate compared to the Windows Desktop app available in Plan 2. Are there significant new features coming to Plan 1 to differentiate it and justify the monthly fee?

@Nishant_Kumar1435  Will this be available in GCC tenants? If not initially, is there a timeframe for when it will be?

This is great news. It is long past due that Visio be added to an Office bundle. It was a sad day when the Visio team sold out to MS, killing the free version of Visio. I hope "you" extend this new deal to the desktop bundles too so more business users can use the "real" app.

In the longer term, I hope they extend this offer to the consumer 365 bundles too. That was the original point of creating the "Office bundle". Let people buy a cheap copy for use at home that included "all" of the apps so they could "play" with app and learn on their own time, at home.

I read the blog post. The list of bundles that will get the online app is a ... unreadable !!!MESS!!! It has no logical order and appears to include some duplicate entries

1 The Visio web app in Microsoft 365 will be available for the following licenses: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Apps for business, Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5, Office 365 F3, Microsoft 365 F3 (includes Office 365 F3), Microsoft 365 E3 (includes Office 365 E3), Microsoft 365 E5 (includes Office 365 E5), Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, Office 365 A1, Office 365 A3, Office 365 E5, Microsoft 365 A1 (one-time, per-device license paired with free Office 365 A1 per user licenses), Microsoft 365 A3 (includes Office 365 A3), Microsoft 365 A5 (includes Office 365 A5).

I restructured that list to make it readable, ie:

The Visio web app in Microsoft 365 will be available for the following licenses Microsoft 365 … :
. * Business Basic,
. * Business Standard,
. * Business Premium,
. * Apps for business,
. * Apps for enterprise,
. * A1, A3, A5
. * E1, E3, E5,
. * F3

I'm guessing/assuming that they will be adding Visio to the sales pages in July?

What about F1 and Office 365 F3

Any idea if the addition of new apps will include Project?

@Nishant_Kumar1435 that is great news - do you know when the Visio comparison table will be updated to include what features are available on the 'Visio in Microsoft 365' plan?


and when are we expected to see this on tenants? I understand that SharePoint Online public preview features is enabled by default (also, can't find that setting on the new SPO Admin page).


Compare Visio versions and features - Visio (




Well I was delighted to read this - until I read that it won’t be a available in the EU without lots of people asking, at which point Microsoft “will try to get it out as soon as we can”. Bearing in mind MS can take several years to sort out basic feature requests on Teams that doesn’t fill me with hope!!

Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to add a cut down version to standard subs as it might just bring Visio back to user attention, user demand, and therefore MS bringing it up to date. The incredibly low number of views for this post show just how much it has died over the years. A concerted push by MS to all Office365 business users might well bring it back to life - long overdue.

I’m in the UK and have an immediate need for a basic version for our little team. When will we have it on our tenant please? :grinning_face::grinning_face: