Delivering business value with an app-centric approach to Private Cloud
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 30, 2011
Hear more from Edwin Yuen, Director of Cloud and Virtualization Strategy, about Microsoft's approach to private cloud and how that differs from VMware's:

Yesterday in his keynote, Paul Maritz’s said VMware’s “heart” is in infrastructure.  He also talked a lot about VMware’s focus on the cloud.  Well, if your heart is in infrastructure (read: virtualization), and you’re focused on the cloud, we think that leads to a virtualization-focused approach to cloud.

At Microsoft our approach to private cloud delivers business value through a focus on the application, not the infrastructure. And, we believe economics is a fundamental benefit of cloud – it is one that customers should benefit from, not just us.

VMware’s private cloud solution reflects that infrastructure/virtualization heart, and that heart beats pretty loudly in their licensing – which is per-vm and per product.  So, as your cloud grows, and density increases, your costs grow - right along with it.  That doesn’t seem very cloud friendly to me - especially when a VMware private cloud solution can cost 4 to nearly 10 times more than a comparable Microsoft private cloud solution.  If you’d like to take a look at the research behind these numbers take a look at the new whitepaper my team just published.

Your cloud, on your terms, built for the future, ready now – take a look & let us know what you think.

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Edwin Yuen

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