Why do you need artificial intelligence?

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Why do you need artificial intelligence?

When you connect a Lookalike segment, artificial intelligence analyzes your target audience in a frantic manner. Once it identifies patterns, Demand Gen shows ads to people who exhibit the same patterns.


Such tasks are fundamentally impossible without AI and neural networks.


How it is used and for what tasks

Ads can be embedded in Gmail, Discover, YouTube, and YouTube Shorts, with research showing that they help 87% of video viewers make a purchase decision.


DemandGen has been successful in spreading product awareness and micro-conversions.If you need to distribute a promotion or get a free registration, DemandGen has something to offer. If you need to sell something instantly, it's more difficult, but it's not an unusable tool at all.


Results in numbers

Techrund magazine has already told success stories, for example, the Argentine fintech company Naranja X tripled the number of clicks on its links and reduced the cost per action by 61%.


Google cited the example of Samsung's announcement, increasing the number of views by +40% and reach by +94% while reducing CPM.

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